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Sound is focused and organized energy. It holds vibrations while travelling through all things carried by the air. Sound has the ability to impact anything it comes into contact with, whether material or nonmaterial. All things are simply energy.


By creating the divine alchemy of sound through the orchestration of reorganizing the energy in such a way as to remove blockages of stagnant and or heavy energy. To effortlessly lift and move that energy simply by creating sound.


By using voice I assist in guiding you into a space inside of yourself that accesses the very Being that you are, your Essence, your Spirit. While in this meditative headspace the ability exists that you may expand yourself. That you may recognize your expansion has no measurable existence. As we are connected to all things, all of the time. The experience itself brings about the remembering of home. Of peace. Of presence. By combining voice and sound alchemy we attain the depths of cellular levels where memories are held. Each cell is touched by the vibrations and healing begins on subconscious levels.


Emotional blockages are removed so that growth may take its place. This is a safe practice and truly brings about the awareness of the ability to heal one's own self. And not only the awareness but also the skills needed to move through such moments of emotion that one has remained "stuck" in since their happenings.


Benefits include and are not limited to:

• New found self

• Empowerment

• Improved self image/esteem

• Inner peace

• Greater knowing

• Physical healing

• Emotional healing

• Psychological healing

• Spiritual healing

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