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The Clinic

I am an experienced massage therapist with over 16 years of hands on training. Touch is a Universal language and as such it is my honor to share in that with you. Whether you are familiar with massage therapy or just new to this type of modality. I am a registered massage therapist in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada ( NHPC) and have been with this association since 2005.

I offer a wide variety of services from a basic Swedish Massage to the intricate art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. As a professional in this field part of my focus involves continued education to remain up to date with new and or improved information regarding the anatomy of the body. Thus implementing new skills to better serve you in your own body awareness and expanding more into the body and mind connection.

Expansion is the exact reason you are here so that I may bring more to and for you as the client. You invest in your wellness by choosing a bodyworker to assist in removing restrictions within your body, and I choose to create a space so that I can best aide in your goals to do exactly that.


Whether you are looking to maintain your current health or improve it you can be certain to find a service that will benefit you. Take a look around and see what you feel may best suit your needs today!


Welcome to your next footprint upon your path of health and wellness. I so look forward to working with and for you.


~ Crystal Eve




The body is not separate from the mind so here at Elemental Essence Therapy we not only recognize that, we honor that. We treat more because we understand that you are more than your body.

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